Multiple locations for patients in NJ and NY. Mobile services for physician offices in NJ and NY.

For Physicians

No need to invest in
expensive equipment or
hire technician.

Efficient use of your
office space.

Test results are read by:

  • Board Certified Radiologists
  • Board Certified Cardiologists
  • Board Certified Audiologists
  • Board Certified Neurologists
  • Reports available to you in
    24-48 hours

Physicians' reviews

Our mobile ultrasound units have excellent quality imaging as expected in the best clinical environment.

How can you offer better care for your patients?

Enhance your Practice by offering diagnostic testing to your patients in the convenience of your office.


Your office space is a better choice for your patients than hospitals, testing centers and other facilities.

Easy to work with us!

  • Our experienced and certified technicians come to your office, equipped with the latests technologies and equipment to deliver exceptional service
  • Help with billing and coding
  • Assistance with insurance verification
  • Easy and fast digital image and report retrieval
  • Our multilingual staff will aid your patients and answer all their questions on preparation for the test, testing itself and billing issues.